To be young is a design-led lifestyle brand for growing families.

We think children’s clothing and lifestyle tools shouldn’t hurt your pocket. Or your eyes. We think they should last too.

We’ve put in the man hours so you don’t have to. Our collection is distinguished by minimalist design, adaptable style, and high-quality materials that you can confidently pass from young one to young one.

We’ll be there as your family grows. To Be Young is a labour of love, from our family to yours.

Every young one’s personality speaks for itself. Every home has its own rhythm. To be young is quietly confident. We prioritise minimal design to let your family dance to your own tune. Our design aim is to fit into your lifestyle seamlessly and bring you ease.

We choose function-focused design for products that adapt as your family grows. Our neutral colour palettes and unisex style mean new young ones can enjoy To be young whatever their gender. We design to save you the need, time, and effort of shopping again. So, hand down with confidence and keep To be young in the family.

Our materials are safe for young ones, homes, and the planet. We choose high quality cotton, Food Grade silicone, and recycled plastic to ensure comfort and durability use after use. We don’t stop there. To be young is packaged and delivered sustainably to bring you peace of mind.