Meet Shea Osei, Founder of Shea'd Beauty

We got to sit down with Shea and talk about all things 2020, family life, home plans and work. Check out our little interview below.. and spot the beautiful kiddos in some To Be Young pieces.

Heyy Shea! Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Shea Osei

I am a mother to a 2 1/2 year old beautiful girl and a 6 month old baby boy.

I am a nail technician and have been providing nail care services for just over 14yrs. 

I am the founder of Shea’D Beauty, a nail salon  based in Stratford East London.

I have been happily married for just over 4yrs to my husband and we have just purchased our family home in Essex, which we are currently in the middle of renovating. 

How do you feel your goals and vision has changed since becoming a mother?

Since becoming a mother my goals haven’t necessarily changed, but instead have become even more meaningful to me. I'm more determined to make things happen and be able to provide for not only myself, but also for my children. I want to create a life for my children where they are able to live life on their terms, have the best education, create amazing memories and travel the world without any restrictions. That means that I have to work hard but smart!

How have you found running a business and studying with two children? 

Luckily for me, I had my baby boy during the pandemic when my business had to close as it wasn’t seen as an essential business. This meant I had more than enough time to spend with both my kids and make memories I maybe wouldn’t have been able to if the salon was open and I was working. We've branched out to doing press on nails during the pandemic and I've been able to juggle it whilst being a mum. Studying has however been a bit more tricky because I need quiet to concentrate and type etc so tend to do it at night after putting them to bed. 

We hear you’re also about to take on a home renovation? How are you feeling about it and what are your plans?

Yes, we're currently in the first 3 weeks of renovating our house to make it into a family home. I'm super excited and nervous at the same time as it’s a thing my husband and I have never done before. Needless to say it should be fun as we learn along the way, good, bad and ugly. We plan on having a modern home with some vibrant colours splashed throughout the house. We're yet to decide because it seems like such a distant vision at the moment. Once the renovation comes to an end we can enjoy decorating the house.

Tell us a bit about having a child in the middle of a pandemic & do you have any advice for pregnant women at the moment in these uncertain times. 

Phew. Having a baby during a pandemic has certainly had its ups and downs. The positives were that I was able to enjoy my pregnancy without thinking about work as much, I was able to to be more active with going for daily walks, especially because I had a summer baby, the walking really helped me physically and mentally. I also got to spend more time with my husband as he was working from home and he has been able to spend more time with the baby too.

The negatives for me was going to my hospital appointments on my own because of the strict rules they had due to COVID. I also had a bad experience at the hospital I was in when it came to aftercare. And being pregnant during the summer of 2020 was hard because it was so hot at night!

Last but not least, tell us what you love about To Be Young.

To Be Young for one is such an inclusive brand. I love that the clothes are thoughtfully made and are minimal. Good quality and the price won’t put you out of pocket. 

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