Meet the Founders

We thought it was about time that we introduced ourselves. We are Claire and Charles, the founders of To Be Young. We're a design led children's lifestyle brand, designing and curating quality products for your children that fit seamlessly into your home and life.

By day we are a stay at home mum and a Marketing Director, in a blended family of 4 with another little one on the way.. exciting times ahead! When we had our daughter in 2019, we found it pretty difficult to find children's clothes and homeware items that were affordable without animals, bright colours, unicorns and logos on it. Our home interior and lifestyle were things we had a great interest in, with Charles having a background in fashion, and me an avid subscriber of Architectural Digest and a confessed Pinterest interiors addict. So we really weren't keen on children's items that we felt stuck out like a sore thumb. That's when To Be Young was born. With an emphasis on minimalistic design, quality fabrics, and adaptability with a neutral colour palette, our aim was to create something simple that we could always hand down to each child as the family grows.
Our long term goal is to be a fully sustainable company with items that are made within different communities across the globe, helping to build the economy of countries and communities that are less fortunate than we are, and add more meaning to spending in essence.

We can't wait to get to know you all and build a community amongst us.


Hey Claire, Charles and Rey Rey! Huge congratulations on your exciting news, and it’s so lovely to read about your journey so far, and what inspired you to start your amazing company.
My little ones love their letter and number wooden puzzle sets and I am so grateful for the gorgeous tote bag you gifted us too (so handy to pop in my bag for when I am out and about with them!)

Looking forward to your new releases and seeing what’s next for your beautiful family on your journey with To Be Young.

Thank you!

Lots of love,

Mariama Njie-Ceesay February 08, 2021

This is just so lovely to see! I love yah brand and I tell all my friends about it!
Also a huge congratulations to you guys 🤎

Chidi Iheanetu February 08, 2021

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To Be Young is a labour of love, from our family to yours.

Charles & Claire Onuoha, founders of To Be Young.